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Brilliant has evolved from a small company offering a limited range of products to a leading group of brands offering a wide range of products. The focus on innovation and excellence has been the key to its success.

In 2016, Brilliant was founded with the goal of building strong, long-term relationships with its partners and to be a leader in quality and excellence. The company's vision is to expand its distribution network globally, and gain the trust of its partners through credibility, authenticity, and quality.

Our story is one of innovation, excellence and commitment to its customers. Through it, she overcame many challenges, but always remained focused on her mission and vision.

One of the biggest challenges Brilliant has faced is the COVID19-pandemic. It had a major impact on the global economy. However, the company has been able to weather the storm by focusing on its core values and adapting its business model to meet the changing needs of its customers.

The second challenge is the increasing competition in the Middle East. However, the company has managed to stay ahead of the curve by investing in innovation and offering a unique range of products and services.

Our story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and businesses and shows that with hard work, dedication and a commitment to innovation, anything is possible.