Our Approach

Strategic solution to challenges

We adopt innovative technology in developing applications and digital solutions to realistic challenges

Communication strategy

We enhance companies' ability to maintain bridges of communication with their customers, by developing effective cooperation to build sustainable and long-term relationships.

Opportunity creation strategy

We seek to open new horizons and increase the number of companies and individuals.

Development strategy

We are committed to supporting companies in their journey towards expansion and growth, and providing them with the necessary tools to carry out their full and great production.

Impact Strategy

We are committed to making a positive impact on society and the world through our work, by developing sustainable and responsible solutions that contribute to achieving sustainable development.

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About Brilliant

Brilliant is a leading provider of smart products and services in the Middle East, with a portfolio of brands that includes SMART, Promo Link, ESPARK, Seven Scents and Naam.

Bord Speech

From the first moments of our founding, we were keen to achieve leadership and enrich the Saudi market with exceptional products that turned into independent companies moving on the path to success under our supervision and benefiting from our extensive experience. We are proud that we have been and continue to be an integral part of achieving the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and we consider this a badge on our chests.

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Our Vision

To be the world's leading provider of innovative smart products and services, empowering our partners and customers to achieve their goals.

Our Mission

To deliver the highest quality products and services, build strong relationships with our partners and customers, and create value for our shareholders.

Our Timeline


Launch of Naam

A new line of products and services.


Launch of Seven Scents

A line of luxury fragrances.


Launch of ESPARK

A digital marketing agency.


Launch of Promo Link

A platform for businesses to create & manage promotional campaigns.


Launch of SMART

A line of smart home products.